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Dr. Brown is an accomplished musician and a career educator. Based out of San Diego, California, he has traveled the world entertaining fans with his soulful saxophone sounds for over thirty years. As an educator, his dream was to impact people’s lives to help them achieve their life goals. He served as a college professor and Vice President of a University, while continuing to perform as a musician playing weekend shows and concerts. Several years ago, Dr. Brown combined his years of educational experience as a professor and lecturer with his many years of musical experiences and developed a program with a unique artistic perspective examining the History of Jazz in America. His presentation, “The History of Jazz”, consists of lectures, videos, and live musical selections performed on his alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones focusing on the eras of jazz. His show has been called highly educational, informative and entertaining.

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"If You Have To Ask What JAZZ Is, You Will Never Know."
— Louie Armstrong

The History of Jazz

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The History of Jazz is a presentation that focuses on one of America’s greatest art forms, the art form of Jazz.  The presentation examines Jazz from a unique perspective that is both informative and entertaining.  The program combines lectures and live musical presentations that traces Jazz from its foundation to its present-day form.  It acutely examines the roots of Jazz and vividly details numerous historical events as they occurred. At the same time, the program identifies and recognizes the individuals that created this great American Art Form. The addition of live music demonstrations and performances assist in bringing these events to life as they occurred during the different eras of Jazz. 


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Bring this lecture & performance to your educational institution, corporate event, museum or gallery.